Suggestions for listings

Hello everyone, long time lurker here. I have a question about selling on DB. I know that there are those of you who have been selling here for a long time. My question is how do you recommend taking payments these days via Paypal? I know most of you will probably say regular payments. I have my listings set up as friends and family only. I will explain why.. After dealing with a quite a few situations of credit card chargebacks thru Paypal, a dispute over authenticity (Which I won because I had proof) and buyer return abuse (Buy & Try/Renting, Buyers Remorse) on jewelry I have sold in the past which was very stressful, a huge hassle and time consuming. I just do not feel like I can afford the risk involved with taking regular Paypal payments. Did you know that Paypal allows buyers to file a dispute for any item up to 180 days? That is 6 months! As a private seller, when I sell an item I do not want it back. I mean you dont take items you buy at a garage sale back for a refund. I have been a member of eBay for over 13 years with over 600 100% positive feedback ratings and 95% of it was from selling. (I no longer sell there because of all the new policies) With so many scammers in the market and the threat of having a dispute filed 6 months later, I am just too scared to take regular Paypal payments. Is this wrong? What are your thoughts?
I wouldn't purchase anything via F&F because I would have no recourse if the item is not right or doesn't arrive. I prefer regular PayPal for both selling and buying. I do add a disclaimer that I don't accept returns or give refunds - though I'm not sure if that would offer a seller any kind of protection.
mmascall, Thank you for your reply. I am sure that there are alot more buyers and sellers that feel the same way that you do. Thing is anyone can state that they will not take returns in their listings but the truth of the matter is that if you accept Paypal as a payment processor you are subject to their terms which allows a buyer 6 months to change their mind or find some reason to return it. They will snatch that money out of your account in a New York second as soon as a dispute is filed. Like I mentioned before I have had quite a few stressful situations where they took the money out of my account and I had to wait until Paypal finished the investigation before I could have my money returned to me not knowing what was going to happen. Once you go through a few bad transaction situations like I have where people were trying to scam, you definitely have your guard up..