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I do not think these things are "fad diets" for many people. They are a lifestyle...that work amazing for some people and not so great for others. You need to do what works for your body. Low carb, as a lifestyle for me is when I feel the best and look my best. Eating even just a little daily does not with my body at all.

Good for you mom2dolls!
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I am so excited to find this thread!! how are you all doing?

I have my wedding in March and a few too many peanut mnm's, slices of 30th birthday cake and hangover food has bloated me up like a porpoise.!!

I am like you @jcent - a low carb diet is what works best for my body and carbs really make me feel sluggish and bloat me. Maybe its a gluten thing..

I have about 10 kgs to lose (22 lbs). I've never been that low before but I have always been abit hippy. Very pear. I'm pretty tall (5'10) so I can afford to lose that much. Might be a pinch doing it in 3 months and over xmas but I am DETERMINED!

I figure a problem (a weight problem in this scenario hehe!) shared is a problem halved.. so would love others losing weight or who have lost to share their tips and secrets and encouragement.