Squash soup

6 cups of Yellow Squash such as Butternut or Acorn with seeds removed. Cook until soft. You can use the frozen type in the Grocery store as well.

1 Cup Chicken Broth or Herb Broth or Water with 4tsps Chicken Flavored Buillion.

2 Containers (I use only one and it is good also) or 8oz Cream cheese. You can use the low fat or no fat if you like.

One small Onion chopped medium.

1 to 2 tablespoons Butter or Margarine.
Salt and Pepper to taste.


Sautee onions in butter until clear. Set Aside

After squash is cooked until tender add the broth and cook until just starting to boil. If you are using a food processor then add the cream cheese and squash and puree. Place in Soup Pan, add onions, cook gently But DO NOT LET BOIL.
Serves 6

If you do not have a food processor then use a potato masher to puree the squash/broth mix. Remove about 2 cups of the squash mix and add the cream cheese to a large bowl. You can either use the potato masher, use a cake beater, or place the mix in a blender. Just get it pureed and mix it back in to the remaining squash mix. Add onions, heat as instructed above.