So so ticked off!!


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FragranceX is terrible!!!

I ordered on Friday, right on the items page it states this item will ship in 8hrs. I also pay for 2day air.

They didn't even ship till today and they used the freaken post office who has no 2 day service!

When I called to complain (and I had to wait till this morn as customer service is only open 7-3 est but order processing is open 24/7) they said yeah its the process if you're THAT upset just return it!


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... I can't stand when CS is like that... My mom uses an online fragrance website... but I'm not sure which it is.. they are wonderful I've heard her time and time again talking about how amazing they are...

I called her... here is the website...

It's got me wanting to order something....
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I used them a few years ago and had the same problem. Then when the items arrived, they weren't in a sealed box. I assume they were seconds or testers. I turned around and sent them back........

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on this subject, i ordered something from FragranceNet through one of their ebay listings on Friday, and paid for it on Friday. they had something like 6 quantity on the listing. today i got my payment refunded, saying they were out of stock. pffffft.

i've ordered through perfume emporium many times, and never had a problem. when something's for me, i prefer to order testers. i don't need the pretty box, unless it's a gift.
I've used Perfume Emporium for years. I never noticed that something I bought wasn't in new condition. I don't remember about the boxes or not but I think I would have thought it strange if they weren't in proper boxes. If they ever do sell me a tester, I don't mind as long as it is full. Can't beat their prices!


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VintageDime said:
If they ever do sell me a tester, I don't mind as long as it is full. Can't beat their prices!

I don't mind testers at all, if that's what I paid for. The perfume I bought was the full price perfume, but they sent me the open/tester stock.
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