So I'm officially Mrs Kennedy!

Congrats!! I think eloping is so sweet and romantic! It's great you got such awesome pics out of the experience too. May you have a deep and lasting happiness in your marriage.
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MrsKennedytoBe said:
Because we eloped today! We eloped in CT. It was short, sweet and awesome. I swore I wasn't going to get emotional, but when my husband said his vows, I lost it... which made him cry too.

I wanna share some pics with you all. Rather than uploading and copying links to pics from Photobucket, I'm just going to paste the link from weddingbee where I just uploaded some photos.


ETA: My pics are also on the 5th post of that thread. Just scroll down a bit. Those are only iPhone pics though.

Congrats!!!!! I haven't been on in a little bit, so happy to hear!!!! Your pictures are beautiful and can I say, I choked up a little at your engraving on his ring. Wow, ROCK IT GIRL!
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