Snow pics


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Post 'em here!

This is at the bottom of our driveway. Me cleaning off the van to move it so we could go grocery shopping with the kids this afternoon. We were supposed to get a "coating," but wound up getting another 3 inches today. It's still snowing now!

Hubby took this picture...from inside the toasty warm truck, lol!
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Oh I have no pictures at the moment, but I have a fun winter story! On my wedding day 1/1/11 in Winnipeg it was -30 Celsius!! (-22F) and I just HAD to have those open-toed sparkly gold shoes. I'm surprised I survived the short walk from the ceremony to the reception!
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so far we've gotten at least six inches of snow - and it's still coming down hard!

i don't like the cold, and i really don't like snow!

this is the best shot i could get, that wasn't one of the neighbour's houses, without leaving the carport:


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Well, these aren't from the current snowfall - our is presently a non-event - these were taken during our White Christmas.

This is DH doing what husbands are supposed to do......

And this is puppy's first snow. Notice the snowball that is just about to hit him!

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