Signatures for credit card purchases going away this month!


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At last! Signatures for your credit card purchases at stores will end this month! As an online merchant, we never had to deal with it but as a consumer, very happy to see it go obsolete. My signature via finger on a touch screen was never going to pass muster as readable anyway
"Starting this month, four of the largest credit card companies—Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover—will stop requiring signatures on purchases. Major retailers, like Walmart, have already stopped using signatures. "

(not sure where it goes in the forum breakout, but I'll just put it here in jewelry since it's 'shopping' related.)

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Gosh, we haven't used signatures here, in Canada, in a while. You do need to enter a PIN and you can also use your card as tap-to-pay by setting a max amount. Convenient!

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since the chip-and-PIN card system started rolling out, as all my cards have been replaced, for in-store purchases now i tend to use cash instead because it is faster.