show me your pendants ladies!

Hi people of the boards:)

Our anniversary is coming up and my wonderful husband said to get the exact specifications of two things I would like and he will pick which to gift.
I do and do not like this. For what I'm sure are obvious reasons. Lol
I was able to narrow it down to a band or pendant.
I can't seem to decide between a floating or bezel pendant. /:
And I have a few questions about the profile..under/behind (?) of the to make sure it doesn't look..or isn't tubular- I think someone (hadley?) Referenced shrek's ear- because it will be for a colored stone

I am open to suggestions, inspiration, ideas and all examples
In exchange i can offer my gratitude and a picture ill have dh take with mister Klass when he retrieves whatever we figure out for him to choose LOL


The Florentine Diamond
This is mine, the chain is threaded behind the stone. Love it. It never flips over which is what drives me crazy with bails. Plus I think it looks nicer without the bail.

Thank you!
What do you mean by the bail?
And that is lovely! The stone looks perfectly sized, how manny mm is that?
ii'm thinking that, but blue. :)
What does the profile look like?
The bail is usually found at the top of the pendant mounting and is what the chain goes through the pendant.

Poppyseed's pendant has a mounting that the stone sets in which the bail is behind the stone so not to take away from the stone. Slightly more expensive, but very effective for solitaires.
My pendant from Wink. It is actually a stock setting from Stuller I believe with a YAG and small tsavorites. This is the only piece I have people consistently comment on


Bumble bubby, I hadn't considered a pear, that's lovely!
I bet, red rocks, it's interestingly pretty!

I'm thinking a very thin bezel on a concave avarra ssapphire, open profile, no bail...but can't figure out the size
Ive seen a bezeled half ct moissy that looks big, but perfectly proportioned, and that 7 mm looks perfect poppy....does it depend on the chain length?
But the site says the 6mm is equivalent to 1.1ct and the 7mm Is 1.75
Sorry for posting so late but im posting a picture of a pink topaz/bi-colored tourmaline pendent, very simple in setting but an eye-catcher-steve...


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1st of all, Im not a lady, I have the most respect for the ladies & I have met some very savy people on gems. Im a hobbist & have been very lucky with my purchases in gems. I have over 30 pendents with rare stones listed from alexandrite to zultanite, All of these pendents have been professionally inspected & some have lab reports to certify. Two of the pendents were recently posted on this site & are good examples of the listed stones. Contraversity has followed me for years because of the info Ive posted, some with appraisals that were said to be inflated & to date Ive been locked out of 2 websites because of the information & points I was trying to discuss. Basically I was told good gems are not possible to be bought for pennies on the dollar, & if bought, the stones are frauds, Ive been burned only once by a US seller from Florida selling composit ruby as 'all natural', proven to be a lie & papers filed in that state against the seller, name on request. My point of the post is to state that the wife & I wear our pendents daily & we are enjoying having stones almost never seen in the size or quality I have been lucky enough to buy over the past 9 yrs. If there is interest in seeing any of these items, I will post pics, most are unusual & not seen in jewelry stores on average except the high dollar outlets. These pendents are the result of the 9 yrs. of careful buying & professional assistance-steve...
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