Should I be concerned?

Hey folks,

first and foremost i'd like to thank you for having me here on your forum. I'm writing because my wife and I went into what we think is a reputable jewelry shop to purchase an automatic watch. While i was discussing the watch one of the other attendants admired my wife's heirloom ring, and offered to clean it for her while i was occupied discussing my new watch. What makes me uncomfortable is that while i was distracted she took my wife's ring into the back room for several moments unattended, and my wife and I both had a bad feeling afterwards. I'd recently had the ring appraised and know that there is a small defect on the crown of the diamond, but it is not noticeable to the naked eye. I have this documented by my appraisal. Because my wife had a bad feeling about the interaction I inspected the ring and found that there where two small indentations on one of the mounts neither of us had noticed before (These are too minute for me to photo, but do appear to be machining). It is an old ring and may have gone through repairs over the years, but was appraised at nearly 20K, and has substantially more intrinsic value to us as a family heirloom. Should I be concerned? What steps should be taken as this was 24 hours ago. I appreciate you're advice and opinions.





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Hi RainDog,
Overall I don't think you need to be too concerned - to pull a stone, and properly set a replacement (even a CZ, etc) takes a lot more than a few moments and would also assume they had a near match stone wise in CZ to even fit.
My guess is the indents are from previous work as you mentioned. It's possible they simply cleaned the ring and thus those indents might be shinier/more reflective and thus noticeable now vs. when in a less pristine state, duller and thus not as noticeable.

If you do have concerns though, you can certainly do a couple checks to make sure you still have the same diamond. A very basic check is that most diamonds have faceted girdles, vs. all diamond simulants except for Amora Eternity have polished girdles. Thus, a quick look at the side of your stone, looking for the small, flat, faceted, planes, might confirm you still have a diamond.
You can also do a quick measurement of the stone if you have a micrometer as the appraisal will have pretty detailed measurements. note though that hand measurements can be off by .1mm easily, but that's one way to do a basic check as most CZ's for example are cut to very standard sizes vs diamonds are not.

Finally, taking it to another jeweler and asking them to do a pen test (diamond test) and/or inspect it under their microscope to look for the crown inclusion would also confirm it's the same.

Stone swaps can and do happen (our customers have had their Amora's magically turn into mined diamonds lol), but this is almost always something where the jeweler has it for a day or two...just a few minutes in the back would not be easy to do a swap.
Hope that helps!
I totally agree with Less here. I used to work for a jewelry store (as a sales person) and the ultrasonic machine was located in a room towards the back part of the store but not that far away from the jewelry counter (Maybe 5 feet or so) so we did have to go out of sight a bit to clean a ring but it was never more than just a few minutes. There is virtually no time in just a few minutes of cleaning a ring to lift prongs and replace a stone that you are not sure about the size. I would have to say take your ring to your jeweler to have it inspected to make sure that there was no funny business with the stone and then and only then would I say something if I had proof. ;)