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sparklee said:
Have you tried the finishing powder, Jenny? I have found that if I omit that step, it doesn't last all day. The finishing powder almost acts like a oil absorber and definitely helps keep the Sheer Miracle on.
I have tried both the matte and the HD finishing powders from Sheer Miracle. The matte looks great for about an hour, but then I start getting the oil slick, and it still looks oily after blotting with blotting papers. I didn't care for the HD at all- it felt very gritty and didn't look good close up.
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Has anyone ever tried the mineral foundation from Avon?

I have used Bare Escentuals forever, I would like to find something that does not make me itch & something more affordable
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Have never tried the Avon. The Sheer Miracle is amazing. I've worn it every day since sparklee turned us onto it. And, it's VERY affordable. The sample sizes are a great way to try it and they are really, really cheap. I think the last time I paid 2.50 each for them!!
Went back thru this thread today since I need to find something new. I'm ordering samples from Alima Pure, Meow Cosmetics and Lumiere. They had quite a bit to choose from in the pale shades so hopefully there's a match in there somewhere.
I liked Bare Essentials for some time, but I think mineral and powder foundations set in my wrinkles and make me look older. Right now, I'm using Laura Mercier tinted sunscreen moisturizer. It works better with the primer. It lasts all day and doesn't make me look old. When I'm desperate, i use the same brand of powder foundation (super fast to apply and can be sheer) but I look much older. I have very oily skin and they make an oily skin primer, but it's too drying for me. You can start off with this and it has everything you need and a couple of really great quality brushes: <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Tinted Moisturizer
My daughter loves the Urban Decay mineral makeup, but the sponge applicator tore apart after a bit of time. I love Urban Decay eye make-up now.
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I think I will order some samples to try. Another site I have visited in the past is Everyday Minerals. They do a sample kit just for the cost of shipping. And you get 5 different shades for you skin type.

I have recently tried Revlon Colorstay liquid foundation, I did not like it at all. After using minerals for so long, I did not like the feel of liquid on my skin. It could have just been this brand of liquid makeup.