Share your cultural recipes Please.

So my family is mainly Scottish and I certainly am not making Haggis. I love food from all over the globe and now that I am primarily cooking for me and the hubby I want to try my hand at different things. If you are willing please share a recipe that you love. It might be something your grandma made or perhaps one you have discovered. Thanks in advance ~Red


The Pink Orchid
Well, I was raised in Montana with lots of vegetables, steak and potatoes, but I've done my fair share of cooking as an adult and there are some recipes that I just adore!

Vegan Thai Vegetable Soup which, of course, you can alter and add tofu or chicken or fish to if you want!

This Lentil Spinach Curry is another tasty dish that is decently easy to prepare and can be made spicy or not so much.

Anyone up for a Roasted Vegetable Strudel ?! Super yummy, I love roasted veggies, and this is a fun way to prepare them.

And this is my favorite Tuscan Lentil Soup recipe. We always dice up the ham from the hock and put it in the soup, and usually use kale or spinach instead of the cabbage, but oh, my husband and I happily eat this for several days in a row because it is just that tasty.

I'd love to know if you try any of these. Who else has recipes to share?!
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I was raised in a military household so I always considered home where ever I happened to live.

Everyone I've served this to has at least liked it. Give it a try.
Roasted Tomato & Pepper Soup with Pesto Cream Cheese

This recipe is phenomenal with veggies from the garden & homemade pesto.
I always make it without the bacon and usually without the jalapeno peppers. When basil is out of season or I'm short on time I buy the pesto from Costco. Instead of roasting basil with the other veggies I just add some pesto after everything is blended.
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MissCassie thanks so much I love those recipes. Have you ever seen Helen's Recipes on youtube? She does Vietnamese food, I found her while searching for Pho recipes. Melanie I hope you can fix the link that sounds good. Thanks all ~Red