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I was wondering if you could offer some advice on actually sewing this project and/or a good message board to go where I could find said advice. I want to sew a veil likeGrace Kelly's. I'm not sure if this is the usual oval gathered in the center, as it sits much nicer than all the modern veils I've seen. Maybe it's real silk and that's the answer? Any help is much appreciated.


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do you mean the shape of it, the trim on it, or the fact that it isn't stiff and pouffy ?

i do assume it was made of something i can't begin to imagine the cost of, however you might try searching for a mantilla type veil, as those are designed to sit closer to the body and not pouf out like the stiff netting ones generally do.
So i think that if I get real silk tulle, it will be less poofy than modern veils. My big question mark is how it sits in those perfect folds (and it's like that in all the photos).

By oval I mean, typically in directions of how to sew a wedding veil, they say to cut an elongated oval and then gather it 1/3 the way down and sew it to a comb.

This might be due to the beading, as well. I have no idea as I am not a very good seamstress!!
Thanks Dana. Those websites really helped. I think that it's the combination of the silk tulle and the thick beaded boarder that result in the soft waves on the veil. Now I have to figure out how to accomplish that without spending a fortune!

Dana ♥

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well, i don't sew much these days but i used to! and i think my first suggestion would be to visit a thrift store and find the largest piece of lightweight, veil-like fabric you can find

(sheer curtain panel? silk broomstick skirt? that sort of thing)

to practice on. to see how it'll lay, and see how the weight of beaded edging will affect things.

... second thought is to go through etsy and ebay for a vintage veil, because even if it isn't the style you want you could likely reuse the silk tulle.

also? i never knew there were so many different types of veils! this has been fascinating!
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Dana! I'm glad to have your help on this! I am one of those people who needs to know all the options for every decision I make (it's how I ended up here, researching jewelry, and with my most fabulous e ring!).

A wedding is a perfect excuse to allow myself to get uber-focused on things. This veil is one of many! (I will post the laurel tiara I am designing with a jeweler when it's done!)