Setting Chris CZ?

Am I better off ordering the loose stones and finding a local jeweler to set them in earrings? Or is Chris able to set them? I'm new to this part of sparklies

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Dana ♥

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Suz said:
Dana, is it easy to set your own in those?
i think so! the snap-tite ones are super simple, and i've never had a problem setting them. (i don't wear them, though, 'cuz my ears aren't pierced)
no tools or anything needed - just a firm, solid surface (like a tabletop) and a little pressure. they snap right in.

the spin-top ones, look neat but i've never tried 'em. and the back-set-bezels are my favourite, but they are a good deal more fidgety. and while still not hard to do, they do take a little more patience.

the snaptite settings won't fool anyone that they're fine jewelry, the prongs give 'em away. but if you're just after pretty earrings, then they're fine.

also, poppyseed's right! i LOVE Liebcor and i'd totally spaced on them when i posted earlier!!
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My problem is I love too much!

I don't have matched stones for earrings but I am seriously going to have to get some ring settings for loose stones. Oh well, at least I have the stones already.