Set Finally Done

Your set is beautiful, really beautiful. Enjoy it in good health! I love your center stone, what is the color of it? It's really so pretty, love that stone.
Michelez said:
I don't know about a complete curbing lol - but it's my forever set for sure!
Spoken like a true jewelry addict. Love it, lol.
You know I love this set, it's just perfection.
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Came across this thread again, watched the video twice, and...


... I fainted (and droooooled) all over again!!
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Epic ring! I love the warmth of the M color, those french the whole vintage-y, old world beauty of that piece. At first I lol'd at being 'finally complete' but OTOH a ring like that would certainly halt (or at least s-l-o-w down) the ol'MGR for me.


BTD Crown Jewel
Your set just Haunts me Girl!!!
It is THE SET nothing I've seen has even come close to this Bad Boy!! But of course you already knew I think that!! LOL!
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