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I put this here and if someone wants to make it a sticky thread for reference.. feel free.

There was a recent discussion asking about what "windowing" is in gems, diamonds, and sims.

Windowing is when you can "see through" an area of a stone. Normally you see windows looking from the top of the stone down. You can also turn and tilt a stone and find windows from the sides.

All gems, diamonds, and sims CAN have windowing. Some will have very obvious windows, others just slight areas of windowing and may require turning and tilting the stone in order to find a "window". Some gems, when well cut, will not have any windowing. Diamonds CAN have windows. How big a window(s) and how easy they are to see, if at all, is individual to each stone. The lack of, or presence of windowing in simulants is not a "dead giveaway" that it is a simulant. Most people prefer to buy gems that do not exhibit any windowing.

So...... here are two pictures of NO window gems.

#1 is a form of cz which was hand cut and faceted. It has no windowing.

#2 is another sample of no windowing

The next three images #3, #4, and #5 all have windows visible.
Notice how you can easily see "through" these gems to the object behind the stones.
These are typical cheap-o gems and are not well cut.



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Too funny. I saw the title of the thread and saw the 1st 2 pics [did not read the text]. And I'm sitting there going "what is she talking about - I don't see any windowing . . .!' then I noticed the text and the other pics! DUH!!!


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I was going to go and post in the other thread for you BlueDiamond to come look here
But you beat me too it.

I tried to find some window samples online, but came up empty so just took a few to show. I didn't know anything about windows either not all that long ago! Now I see them everywhere! Especially with cheapy gems on ebay. Now that you know what to look for, you'll start seeing it too! LOL

Edited To Add: Of all the possible cuts, I believe the Emerald Cut has the most instances of windowing. Even in diamond. It's just the nature of the elongated step cuts that they have some form of natural windows.
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Yeah - a crappy emerald cut looks like a giant baguette and can window like crazy!! And to say nothing of the other crappy cuts floating around [no pun intended].

I don't have a life ;-) so I sit here on these threads. Seriously, I have bits of down time during the day so I come and visit - and post if I have something to say.



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PS I like the papaerclips!
Yes, he was a very patient model for me.

OH, and that green bottle cap is a 1-liter winner from Mountain Dew! LOL I gotta take it with me to the store!
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Awesome as usual DL!!!! thank you for taking the time to do this, it is most helpful to everyone, how very thoughtful!