Salt Free Cooking


The Pink Orchid
My father-in-law in on a strict salt free diet.

Does anyone know of a chex-mix type of snack mix that I can make with no salt? I'd really like to have something for him to munch on while he is here for Thanksgiving.

I'm a little late but this might help others. We advise our cardiac patients to eliminate salt but realize that, unless their food has some flavour, they may not be compliant for long! The hospital provides little packets of "Mrs. Dash" with their meals. It is an excellent salt replacement that uses lemon and other flavours and most people don't even realize they are eating a salt free meal.

It can get a little expensive however. Here is a recipe that has a 4.5/5 on

A reviewer suggests adding lemon zest, which I think is a good idea as it will provide a "salty" taste.
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