Ring width question! Found a wiiiiiiiiiiide ring.......



I have found the most amazing antique ring and it is my size. BUUUUT, it is a whopping 10mm (estimated) in width. Any of you ever worn such a wide band (right hand) before? I'm a size 5 in wide rings. This one is also 2mm tall. So fairly low. What do ya'll think? Are wide bands terribly uncomfie? It's a cigar band style with 3 different types of bands rolled into one. The outside band being the thickest 2x2 mm, inside is a rope band of maybe 1.5mm, then the inside sits lower and is a smoother, wider section. Best to post pics I know, but I'm afraid if I post it the ring will disappear, lol!

Any help is appreciated. I have never even seen a ring that wide in my size before. Ever.
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I like wide bands or stack rings that give the look of a wide band. I don't find them uncomfortable but you generally have to go up a half size or maybe more. If the band is the same size you wear in a skinny ring it may not fit.
Never mind I see now you posted your wide band size so you already know to up size.
I'd just make sure you can still bend your fingers lol. My fingers are long so I could totally do 10 mm.
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I have some 10mm rings. The fact that you are looking at a cigar style, with a thinner shank at the palm, it won't feel like 10mm on your finger. It will be more forgiving.

With my solid 10mm band, which is even 10mm at the palm side, it feels like a wagon wheel for the first couple of hours I have it on. Then my brain adapts and I don't notice it anymore. With my 10.5mm of stacking bands (my avatar), there is give between the rings and I really don't notice that width at all, except for in the heat of summer when my hands swell. When that happens, I lose the first 2mm band and go to 8.5mm total and that takes care of the discomfort (and the summer-induced muffin top).

Bear in mind that I have long fingers. If yours are short, you may have a different experience. But I really think you won't have a problem with a cigar band that has a thinner shank at the palm.
Actually, it's 10mmm all the way around, and 2mm tall (off the finger).

I wear a size 7 glove, so longish...but not super long.

Thanks, this really helps me. I can't try the ring on as it's not here...I would have to find one similar to try on, I guess.
Do you have any rings to stack to compare?

I sometimes make a paper cut out to see if I might like ring dimensions. In this case I would use a light cardboard (like a cereal box) and wrap a couple times around with foil to simulate thickness and see how it feels on your finger.
I have a 9mm ring and it's really comfortable! It is tapered in back but only a few mm. It actually doesn't seem that wide to me, but I do have long fingers (I can do up to 14mm of rings on my finger, oy). Ooh, now I'm curious and can't wait for you to reveal it!
I know...I want to see it too. I promise I won't buy it because it won't fit on any of my fingers, lol.

I'd also like to see a picture of your matching tin foil rings.
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Here it is. Not sure why I love it, but maybe it's because it is sooooooo dang old.

I'm envisioning replacing the champagne diamonds with rosecut rubies. It screams ruby to me. But I am also thinking rosecut pink sapphires. To soften it.
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Made in 1850.

I don't mind the champagne diamonds so much, but I prefer for the stones to go all the way around. It would be a bear to find that color in omc in that size.


The Imperial Diamond
Wow, I love it... It is a really cool ring!

Anyway, I have short fingers and rings that wide are a problem for me. I would have to go at least half a size bigger to be able to wear that.
very cool ring! My ering and wedding band together are probably about that wide, and I don't have any issues. But, like Borismom says, it probably matters how long your fingers are for it to look/feel right. My fingers are pretty long - my band is all the same width, the ering is tapered.
okay, it pains me to say,

but I'm gonna pass.


I have aparkle ADD, and so I really need to focus on my anniversary ring.

It is so cheap, tooo...600. So hard to pass on.
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