https://www.costco.com/Baguette-%26-Round-Brilliant-3.20-ctw-VS2-Clarity,-I-Color-Diamond-Platinum-Band.product.11491049.html I want this ring as my wedding ring but am afraid it will be too wide at "just under 1/2 inch across top." I have small hands and am afraid my e-ring wont fit on top of this. I could wear the e-ring on my right hand. But this extreme 10-12 mm width has me hesitant. What do you think? I would love to see pix of wider rings. Would it be weird if I wore my e-ring on my right hand or wore only this large wedding band on a daily basis? I just love this design. Thanks! :)
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Dana ♥

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if you like this ring and want to wear it as your wedding band, there's nothing wrong with it and if it makes you happy you should do so!

my voice coach, back in the 80s, had a really, really wide wedding band. just plain gold, no stones or anything, but it was massive. maybe 12-15mm all by itself. she wore her diamond solitaire engagement ring on her right hand.
and i have a friend who put her engagement ring on her right hand the morning of her wedding and has worn it there ever since.

i have a 14mm wide band (that i don't normally wear on my ring finger) and i just popped it on, and put a 3mm ring on top of it...

i have small hands, too, but even so there's still plenty of room, and my finger bends with no problem. this band is two sizes too big, so the two don't sit nicely together... they tilt in different directions. but that's my hands, and a ring that's too big being held in place with one that fits.

that's my only other real advice - for a band that wide, you'll probably want to get a larger ring size than you normally wear, just for comfort. if possible, try it on or try on rings/bands of similar width elsewhere before ordering it.