Replace Lost Earring

Hi all! I am so happy I’ve found this forum as I am in dire need of your expert help! Please see the earring pictured in the attachments. I have made the mistake to wear this pair of earrings, which is one of my favs, on a hike. While hiking, I kept on playing with one of the earrings, opening and closing the latch, and sure enough I have lost one of them. I have went back on the trail trying to find it but no luck. So I am now desperately trying to replace it. However, I am not able to find a similar pair online to purchase it. I have received this pair as a present from my mom from Romania. I would like to replace it so I do not have to share with her the bad news that I have lost one of the earrings. This is my third pair of favorite earrings from my mom where I lose one of them. So I must replace this pair. The earring is marked with 7AR and I was able to find online that this is a trademark of the jewelry company GOLD ART S.R.L. Is there anyone out there that could point me out to where I might find a similar pair to buy or a jeweler that could replace the lost one for me? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much!