Received my asha yesterday!

Good morning everyone,
I just wanted to share my beautiful ring (eng143 from Asha Diamomds/Moissanite Co in 14k rose gold with a 7mm (1.25ct) round F/G asha. I'm in love! The ring itself is so dainty in real life and so comfortable. The asha is so sparkly and gorgeous. I am blown away. I tried it on last night and didn't want to take it off! However I'm waiting for the "official" proposal. I'm attaching pictures below. Ring size is 5.5 for reference and fits perfectly. The center ended up being the perfect size for me

This is in my vanity light.

Indirect sunlight. I'm sorry it's sideways!

I can upload more pictures later if anyone is interested! I'm so happy with it though. I will eventually get an amora when we have the extra money but this is the perfect compromise for now. A gorgeous ring without breaking the bank!
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What a beautiful ring! I love everything about it

As soon as you can officially wear it,you won't be able to take your eyes off of it
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Very Beautiful Ring!
I bet you can't wait to wear it on finger and not take it off.
Please post more pics when you have time. who made the setting for you?
That is so beautiful ,I'm trying hard to find an asscher Asha because of budget although I probably will be more than happy with it and never need to upgrade to an amora gem .I am torn as to whether to get rose gold or platinum I love rose but rarely see an asscher set in rose or even yellow !i just joined today . Enjoy your beautiful ring thanks for sharing
Your ring is stunning! I'm so sorry I have been on to reply. I did officially get my ring on New Years! I stare at it all of the time. The setting is eng143 from Moisanniteco/Asha Diamonds.