Re-set Advice - please.

I am looking for some advice from those who have had stones reset.
I recently got a lovely 2 piece bridal set from newbielady. I don't know the stats, I'm not sure how many ct's or who it was made by - as she bought it from another member and she herself wasn't sure ... but it is really gorgeous either way. It has a cushion cut, forever brilliant center moissanite (I think around 7.5 mm) .... I'm not usually a huge fan of cushion cuts, but this ring was so pretty I couldn't say no! It has the sweetest details to it, like 2 tiny surprise sapphires, gorgeous double claw prongs and milgraining along the basket of the setting. The ring itself seems like a huge set (again, not sure how many cts) it is a channel set, cathedral ring with matching band - lovely set! ...
I just got my hands on a 7.5 mm OEC unenhanced moissanite - and I am considering swapping the cushion out.

First, a round will fit in a cushion setting, right? It is just a double prong basket head.
Second, would an OEC cut look ok in such a "modern" looking set??
Third, will an unenhanced OEC show a lot more color than the smaller round moissanite in the set? - Will it be a noticeable difference??
And last, can I trust any jeweler to do the swap, or is there someplace I can send it to have it done??
Still trying to decide if I should swap them, or just find something else to do with the OEC, and leave the set alone.
Thank you!!

for more pictures, click here - album
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Staciann if the ring is your avatar setting then that was mine. I had a round brilliant taken out and a new head put in for the cushion by David Klass. You can have the head replaced with one for a round as it is a peg head. Hope that helps. To me though that setting is a bit modern for an OEC but some like the mix of old and new.