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I would not order the Body Jewels copy... I would try to hold out for the real deal, but that is just me.
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I'm thinking along those lines too BM, and what makes me even more wary of BJ is that they're charging the same price because, as I was told, their settings are much heavier than Fantasia's. Really??

I so wish that there was another vendor/distributor in Canada other than the non-responsive one in Montreal
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Good news!!! I e-mailed Fantasia last evening asking for another vendor/distibutor in Canada, and today Jennifer Deserio(!!!) replied saying that there was one in Toronto as well and gave me the phone #. I called right away, but the lady who looks after the Fantasia rings won't be in until tomorrow. I left my number, and hope she'll call.

Confession time, though, I ordered another asscher (square) with traps from Neiman Marcus too
It should be here by the 18th. Oh, and I mustn't forget that I'm still waiting for the Cartier Cushion stone from Wink!! I'm debating now whether or not to spring for a setting for it
I'm soooo baaadd!
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Isabel said:
Thanks very much, ezen! A few monhs ago I bought a ring from Body Jewels, but it wasn't up to much; I was diappointed as the cut was a cross between an asscher and a cushion. It's best described as a cushion with windmills? When I complained, I was told that it was an exact replica of someone famous's ( can't think of the name) e-ring. I really don't think so, but I didn't return it because of the hassle and expense of customs.
I Agree...I ordered an asscher set from bodyjewels and wasn't impressed. Compared to my diamond NExus labs stone the bodyjewels items looked yucky. And Ashas are even nicer than Diamond Nexus, Bodyjewels are a big step down from Ashas. Also, when you want to purchase an item, the bodyjewels lady will call you back asap. HOWEVER BEWARE, if you want to return it you are required to have a return authorization number...well guess what? When I tried calling about a return (30+ times)I never got a phone call back. They are NOT honest. I never was able to return my items and they never called me back even when I threatened to call the BBB. I never got my refund. So beware of them!
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Fantasia jewely is available in solid metals, all the pieces I've owned of theirs were solid 14k gold and hallmarked as such. The selection at B&M Neiman Marcus stores is far superior to what's available on the website. Happy shopping
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I never should have sold my Fantasia Asscher cut with the tapered baguettes (looked just like the one Anozira posted on the bottom)! That was such a gorgeous ring, and I'm not a big asscher cut fan. It was very flashy in the sun.
Hi there reviving this but has anyone heard of ? They have Fantasia rings but at 90% off and I’m wondering if they are knockoffs.