Re: Fantasia Deserio rings?

Since I now have one Fantasia ring as a result of a trade with KaylaG, I'm a convert!!

Here's the problem: The 2 stores that sell them (Saks and NM) have only a few styles. I went to the site where there were pages and pages of rings.
. I phoned their number in NY and was politely told that they don't sell to the public; however, they did provide a Canadian distributor whom I've phoned numerous times. Every time, I'm told that they'll get back to me. They don't...ever.

Anyone have any ideas how to find one of the rings I'm admiring??? Any help would be appreciated.
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Are you in the US? If so, I would suggest going into NM or Saks and ask them to order the certain piece for you. Or you could call them first to ask.
Thanks for replying MM, but I live in Ontario, Canada, where the only distibutor in Canada is in Montreal, Quebec. As I mentioned, they have't returned messages or calls. Btw, I provided my e-mail address, but should have asked for theirs.

I also saw a couple of rings on eBay, but they weren't the style I was looking for.
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Have you checked BodyJewels? They have 21 pages of their jewelry available for order. That I know of, they're a reputable company. Don't know if they deliver to Canada, but I think they do.

Let me know how it works out. Their rings look beautiful. Might have to get one myself.
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Thanks very much, ezen! A few monhs ago I bought a ring from Body Jewels, but it wasn't up to much; I was diappointed as the cut was a cross between an asscher and a cushion. It's best described as a cushion with windmills? When I complained, I was told that it was an exact replica of someone famous's ( can't think of the name) e-ring. I really don't think so, but I didn't return it because of the hassle and expense of customs.
Maybe, I was mistaken on that one??!! I just followed your link, and some of the product numbers are the same as Fantasia's??!!!

I notice that in one spot they said FantasiaA, but I'm not really sure what's going on. I will e-mail them for more info.

Thanks so much. I'll let you know what happens.
I'm sorry about your previous experience. Hopefully it wasn't with BodyJewels.

As far as I can tell from the FantasiaA thing, it's just a typo. It does appear to be Fantasia by DeSerio. By the way, they're a BBB member, so I find that a little comforting.

Anyhow, I hope that they have your ring. Although their prices seem a little exorbitant, but that's just me.

Thanx for keeping me updated. I'm interested in ordering from them in the near future.
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Actually, that purchase I referred to was from Body Jewels. You've got a valid point about the FantasiaA perhaps being a typo; there certainly are quite a few of them in their descriptions :-(

I checked their shipping rates and was amazed to see that the international (Canada as well as Europe?) is $65!!! And that is not for an expedited service. They certainly know how to charge.
Wow! I'm sorry. And I thought their prices were exorbitant before I knew their shipping rate! That's not right.
I think I'm going to steer clear of them.

Well, good luck. I'm sorry I wasn't able to help more.
I hope you get your ring.
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The only reason I'd consider them at all is that they have the ring I'm looking for!
I guess if I want it badly enough, I'll have to bite the bullet as they seem to be my only recourse
Neither Saks nor NM have it, or offered to order it.
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That's true, Wench (sorry, I don't feel comfortable with that username). There would be extra paperwork for Canadian customs, but I've made a few purchases from US sellers, and none of them charged more than $30. I'm thinking that it might be as it is with eBay, some sellers have lower prices, but hit you with higher than normal shipping charges. It's all about reading the fine print...


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I used to have two fantasia rings. One was purchased at Joe Brand in Laredo, TX and the other at Saks Fifth Ave on a trip to NYC. I sold both on ebay and now regret it big time... I keep searching ebay constantly but nothing turns up...
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I know what you mean!! I have now included Fantasia rings in My Favourite Searches on eBay!!
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Oooh I love Fantasia jewelry and hope you don't mind me posting pics of a few rings I used to own. Best of luck w/your search

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AACCCCKKKKK!!! Those Fantasia rings are gorgeous, thanks for posting those pics Anozira. I love them all! I think Fantasia rings pun intended, lol.
Oh Anozira!!!

Were you in desperate need of food? diapers? rent money?
Those are the only reasons I'd consider selling those beauties??

Btw, the bottom ring (fondly referred to as li'l krupp), or one very much like it, is the one I got from Kayla! That's the demon that started this addiction.
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I phoned Body Jewels today and was told that they no longer carry the Fantasia rings
. The reason I was given was that Fantasia takes too long to ship 7 - 9 weeks!!! I was assured that they could make an identical piece to the Fantasia, but because of an earlier experience with them, I wonder.....Advice please
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