Quick David Klass question?

kangaroocrazy said:
Elf...he seems to be really really busy right now..

feel free to call him too!!

David Klass
email [email protected], or his number (310) 266-4848
He's definitely got a ton of work in his queue. He quoted me 45 days on my project but still came in well under that.

He got right back to me within a couple hours the other day. Maybe there's some kind of technical difficulty in the email department or something? Always check those spam folders!
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Yeah, Amy told me they prefer phone calls and I can imagine his inbox gets inundated and it's hard to keep things straight.

He did quote me 30 days on my next project as well.
If he is on vacation, he is still emailing me. He currently has my BIL's e-ring in the works, as well as a CS ring of mine in the works. He hasn't skipped a beat in answering emails with either of us.

I'd been waffling on using him for over a year now for various projects that I was "just thinking about". I'm so glad I gave him the chance. He and Amy are fantastic.
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