Question about the new Regal for Cushions

I really love this new setting and the chances are very high that I will order it along with a AVC once they are available. HOWEVER, I would love to have this setting for my round AG. When I emailed about setting a round into the cushion setting they said it could not be done and I just wanted to ask why? And if it really is just NOT possible, then to plead the case of all us double claw prong addicts out there. Can you please please please make this setting for rounds too?


Staff member
Hi Brit,
The answer they provided is correct. As to why? - The Regal for cushions was designed expressly for holding the square cushion cut. Putting a round in there would not fit the prong arrangement, and trying to force it to hold a round would make it look misshapen.

Re:make this setting for rounds - so you are after the 8 prong (4 x double claws) but for the round cut correct? I'll have to check with our CAD person as to how much work that would be to do it.

Hope that helps,