Question about resizing a ring after previous nightmare.

Hi all, I apologize as I am new to this forum so I hope I asked in the correct place, and that I also do not know much on this subject. I have a ring that needs sized down 2 sizes, maybe a quarter size more. I was told that it could be done with no problem, but they would have to possibly oval the bottom of the shank. I'd just like to know if ovaling the bottom is very common. I've gone through a nightmare with my last ring so I'm very nervous. I do trust this jeweler, but I'd like to ease my mind as much as I can.

Dana ♥

The Centenary Diamond
depending on the style of the ring, that may be the only* way to resize it.

if it is a prong-set solitaire, on a plain shank, then i would think they should be able to keep it round after resizing.

if there is a design, or stones set on the shank, then making it slightly oval would be the easier and much less expensive way to do it.

*if there are lots of stones set on the shank, or micropave work, then resizing it down and keeping it round could result in having to adjust the prongs and/or reset every tiny stone which would exponentially increase the cost of the work.

i've had to have most of my rings sized up or down at some point. :)
It's as Dana stated, they would most likely have to do that if there is small stones on the side or if the ring has a certain design.

Keeping it round might pop out a lot of stones out, and even in the small chance that it wouldn't, the ring would definitely be more prone to them falling out often and easily.