Quality of cheap titanium/tungsten wedding bands

I'm looking to save money and am thinking of purchasing either a Titanium or Tungsten wedding band I found online. These two rings are exactly what I want but at a fraction of the cost of what I found at my local jewelry store. Should I be concerned with the quality of these very affordable rings? Are there any specific questions I should ask the seller to verify the quality of the ring?

I am looking for a durable ring that will last a life time. The ring will spend most of its time on a necklace which will be around my neck. Occasionally I will wear the ring on my finger.

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Hi, my husband wears a tungsten ring...and when he lost his....I found him a replacement at a lower cost and it is exactly the same in every way near as we can tell. We have since found the original and he still wears the newer one I purchased. He gets compliments on them ALL THE TIME. Hope this helps.