Q - You cut your Takara lab diamonds to AGS-000 specs, but AGS doesn't grade lab diamonds...how do you know it's really AGS-000 cut?


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Received a really great question from a customer yesterday about our Takara lab diamonds and wanted to post and share it here as well.

Their question was:
Q - "You cut your Takara lab diamonds to AGS-000 standards, but AGS labs does not currently grade lab diamonds.
How do you know it's really equivalent to AGS-000 standards? "

A - All diamond grading labs use either OGI or Sarin HD light measurement systems to build a 3D model of any diamond in grading. Both AGS and GIA sell plugins that can be used in these systems to produce the equivalent grade that respective lab would give. Thus, while our Takara lab diamonds are not graded at AGS proper, we can verify they meet the AGS-000 cutting specifications via the AGS official plugin for OGI and Sarin.

For reference, here is a photo of the Sarin system - we have one at our diamond cutting facility as a check so we already know how it will grade even before shipping in for actual grading and independent certification.

This question and more are at our facts and FAQ page here: Lab Diamonds Facts and FAQ

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