Pursue or let go??


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I bought a pair of pants on eBay that were advertised as in like new condition. I bought them on a Monday. Listing said they would be shipped the next day and priority mail. They were not shipped until Wednesday and they were shipped first class mail. The pants were $7.99 and the listing said priority mail free shipping. I finally got them Monday. I should have had them no later than Friday. I sent the seller an email inquiring about the shipping as I knew the listing said priority and I could see they went out first class. She replied that first class and priority were the same. No, I'm sorry I made a mistake. No, ooops clicked the wrong button on the listing. Just, first class and priority are the same. So, already a bad taste in my mouth.

The pants not only were the wrong size, they were very used and reeked, I mean bad, of cigarette smoke!! I sent the seller and email and was told the condition of the pants is "my opinion" and she has no idea about the smoke and she listed and sold a lot of things so that's why I got the wrong size. She further went on to say she had made a whole dollar on the sale so oh well and what exactly did I want her to do about it?! I said I expect you to make this right! I paid for a pair of like new size 16 pants shipped priority mail and I got a very used cigarette smoke smelling pair of size 14 pants shipped first class mail. I got no response from the seller.

I opened a eBay case asking for them to be returned but also for packaging and a shipping label to be sent to me so I could send them back. Why should I have to incur the $5 to send something back that was such a gross error and the seller doesn't even care or offer any apologies! The seller has refused.

Yeah, its $7.99 but why should I be out the money no matter how small?! Why should the seller get a dollar profit for selling me crap?!

Then I think for $7.99 its not worth the fight.......

So, should I pursue? Or Let it go?! (and I apologize to anyone who now has Frozen playing in their head)
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i hate it when ebay items stink of cigarette smoke and sellers don't bother to mention it in the listing. i do not bid on items from a smoker's home, because sometimes you just can't get that smell out.

* first class and priority are nowhere near even remotely the same thing

* used, and the wrong size is not "your opinion"

get ebay involved, file a claim if you have to.

i'm sick of ebay sellers claiming things are nearly-new or like-new when in fact they're nowhere near

think about it like this - if you saw the pants, in the condition they were when they arrived at your house - hanging up in Target for the price you paid for them (including shipping)... would you buy them?
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I would still contact eBay. It's bad business, regardless of the profit size, and no seller should get away with 1) lying to a customer AND then 2) refusing to stand by their item and listing once they get paid.

Sorry this happened to you.
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I agree with these other fine ladies. If you have the time, then I would pursue it. At the very least inform EBay about the discrepancy -which you've already done. But that seller needs to know that she can't get away with blatant lies!
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EBay decided in my favor and offered the seller two options- send me packing materials and a prepaid shipping label or just refund me. Thus far, the seller hasn't done either but at least I got the decision! I think the seller only has one more day to respond before the decision is made for them.

On a different but eBay related topic- does it bother anyone else that eBay considers something shipped when the label is created? It drives me bonkers! Several times people create labels and eBay marks it shipped on time but in reality the item doesn't get mailed until days later. I think eBay should marked it shipped when it says accepted by USPS, not just label created.
On principle alone, Id go after them, Ebay stood behind the buyer as they should & if enough complaints come against the seller they will be locked out of sales, on ebay for yrs-steve...
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