Purchasing my first moissy, but which size?

Hi everyone, this is my first post here.
After a few years of consideration and observation of the development in the quality of moissanite I decided to seriously look for a nice one.
I really love old cuts, so as I have found a few vendors, who cut them, I decided to bite the bullet. I really would like to have an ACC, I'm just not sure in the size. I was considering at first a 9.5*8.5 stone, this would be my sweet spot. The problem is following: I would like to have a "cheap" setting, lets say under 500. The vendor told me, it is only possible with the stone size 9*8 mm, because she could order for this size stone a setting from Stuller.
I was considering to order the bigger stone loose, and find a cheap setting somewhere else, but I'm afraid the jewellers don't have experience with setting a moissanite where I live. (I live in Europe, moissanite's are not even known!!!)

So what should I do? Order the smaller one with setting, or order the bigger one and take the risk, to set it here?

Could someone show me pictures of a 9*8 cushion on size 5 finger?
I just wanted to give an update, maybe someone is interested: I've ordered the 9.5*8.5 mm stone 2.5 weeks ago. The stone is ready to ship, and I've got two pictures from the vendor JYB Jewels. I can't wait to have my moissanite!
IMG_4594.JPG IMG_4596.JPG
King: the clarity of the stone is not specified by the vendor, but I assume VVS, because I haven't seen any inclusion at all. The color is near colorless, because I like it much better. The price please ask from the vendor, I'm not sure, that I'm allowed to post it.