Purchasing a Takara Diamond


I'm interested in purchasing one of the ideal cut H&A Takara diamonds. However, for a particular diamond, I'm not able to view any pictures or stats of the diamond such as the angles and table/depth percentages.

I understand that I will get the report with the diamond that will contain that information, but is there anyway to get that information before I purchase? I'm also interested in any idealscope or ASET images.



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Hi Altair,
Thanks for the post! All of our Takara H&A (unless noted) are cut to Super Ideal H&A specs meaning they will fall within the following pretty narrow specs:

Table: 56-57%

Crown angle: 34.25 - 34.55%

Crown height: 14.7 -15.30

Pav angle: 40.74 - 40.76

Pav depth: 42.45 - 42.49

Depth: 61.1 - 61.3%

Star length: 50-53

Lower girdle: 76-77

You can verify that our specs are in the precise, optimal range for Super Ideal H&A diamonds here: Hearts&Arrows.com

If you want to know the specifics about a particular Takara, then you can just email us for that. In general though, b/c of the consistent cutting to Super Ideal H&A, it's not like the normal diamond situation where there is large variance in appearance stone to stone. The Takara's are all clones basically -max fire and brilliance, so you can largely choose based on carat size/color and clarity as cut is already optimized.

The above specs and maybe some other useful info are at our Takara FAQ page:
Lab Diamonds Facts and FAQ

Hope that helps!