Post your e-rings

I am trying to get ideas for my e-ring I have found a few I like but I am still looking. If anyone nows of some good websites or would post their rings it would be greatly apperaticed!!


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Yes ladies, do share with us your e/r's...
Share, share, share. I know they are all over the place on here but if some of us could see them all together it would be very helpful.
Hi Crlygrl!

And whatever you do...Don't go to Leon Mege' or you will be very sorry.
It's impossible to look at anything else the same way again.
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Here is my first asha, a 1 carat princess cut, E color, V4. I got it from Pook. This was the most convincing Princess Cut sim I have ever seen! (and I have seen QVC, HSN, ShopNbc, ShopatHome, Ziamonds, etc!). This was the ring that made me an Asha lover!



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yes if you see Leons stuff, it will ruin you for anything else

I am seriously considering having him make my setting

and I forgot to add, your rings are gorgeous ladies! I love them all!
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Well.....I never actually received an e-ring! We were living in a relative's condo, and were trying to save up for a, my mother in law gave me three diamonds, one that was her mother's engagement ring, and the two smaller ones were a pair of earrings that she didn't I had it made into my three stone ring that I wore for a long time, but never really felt as though it was MY, I was looking through google and was interested in moissanite, and found BTD. After patiently waiting for what seemed like years, I finally have what I consider as my ultimate dream e-ring......a 3 carat asha pear!



Here's my new Asha. I haven't worn an "engagement ring" in a while becasue I couldn't find one that I really loved. I finally broke down and bought a Round Brilliant Asha. I'm not sorry that I did! It is a great stone and a beautiful "look" with my plain 4mm wedding band (very treasured - won't change it). Here it is...



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what happened???
Geez I NEEEEED them allll and I we are just not in that ballpark right now, or even that state!
I am lusting for them allll I tell you.
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Here's my set. Purchased seperately, but they look great together. The e-ring has a 2ct "cashmere" OEC (old european cut) in a vintage style setting.