Poll - Should the new Takara H&A rounds also be called Eternitys?

Should the new Takara Super Ideal H&A rounds be called Takara Eternitys?

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Hi all,
Quick question that I'd love to get your feedback on. The new Takara H&A rounds are cut to exactly the same Super Ideal specs as the Amora Gem Eternity H&A.
Thus, it may make sense to call these 'Takara Eternitys' but not sure if that would create confusion with Amora Gem Eternity?
The brand would indicate the crystal type (Takara = real lab grown diamond, Amora = real Silicon Carbide) and the cut is the Eternity Super Ideal H&A round.

But please let everyone know your thoughts/feedback on this - poll is above and you are welcome to post in the comments as well!
Best regards,