Please Help with Identification

Hello all,

I have been searching the internet for approximately 58 days (but who's counting right?) The first image you can see below is the INOX skull clasp bracelet. It has a unique chain that is similar to a box link or venetian link but if you look closely you will see that every two links are fused so one of these links consists of one "box link" that are alternate of each other. I would be extremely grateful to anyone that could point me in the direction of where I can source these chains. I thank you all for your time.

s709811979982676731_p833_i1_w1920.jpeg s709811979982676731_p833_i1_w1920.jpeg original 2 - Copy.jpg e2d2061490846d115ee8fb4576b694c6.jpg chain with 11mm box chain.jpg

Dana ♥

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i don't think i've ever seen a chain, in jewelry, with links like that. they're sort-of like interconnected figure-8 shapes, and that's very neat. i've seen chains like that that were, well, in a hardware store. but not in jewelry, that i can think of.

for a similar look, a rounded box chain, rolo, cable, or belcher type chain, would be the closest I can think of off hand.

but what that really looks like is a mariner chain, but with the individual links shaped so that half of the 8 shape is at an angle. it is very spiffy!