Please Beware of seller stefaniemct

I bought a moonstone ring from her which she claimed to be from the 1930's. I received it today a couple hours ago and was unpleasantly surprised to see a completely different moonstone ring had been sent. The ring she sent is cheap looking, gigantic ....doesn't fit any of my fingers and she had it listed as a size 6 (while my ring finger is around a 6.5-7. I am so upset right now.

I've had 2 other dealings with diamondbistro sellers which went wonderfully. There was even a slight mistake in the listing from the first seller which she handled promptly and with class. But this seller bold face lied to me about the ring she was sending. I can't see how at all this was a mistake. I've opened up a Paypal case and will now have to wait and see. Her response to me was that the ring is 100% authentic.

If anyone else has dealt with this seller and had a shady transaction please contact Diamondbistro.

Terrible experience so far.

On hold- 14k moonstone ring : Rings

I've attached pictures of the ring she sent and the link to the listing.


I'm sorry to hear of your awful experience with this particular seller. The ring she sent you is clearly not the same ring in her listing.
How on earth does she think that she's going to get away with that!? Paypal will get your money back for you,don't worry :)