Played Hookie from School Today!!


Hi everyone!

We decided to take our DD out today - we informed her school she wasn't going to attend, and went on our merry way to do something more fun.
Carleton University was having a Butterfly Display in their greenhouses, part of their biology department's project. I've always wanted to see them up close like this, so off we went! I thought I'd share some pics here, there were some beautiful ones... and a little bling in the last photos... just for you all!

Hmmm, these are showing up small... I'll resize the rest before posting below. These were taken on the walk through the campus... there's a tunnel that the city has provided a place where graffiti artists can legally create stunning art... It's fun to visit sometimes. My DD is SO excited that her sweater matched the wall... lol

random child's fingers - was holding a sweet butterfly so I snapped a quick shot on my way by...

George and DD, Abigail, feeding a butterfly. I love this picture.

This one is called "The Green Triangle"... and it landed on my sweet Abigail! She was so excited!

THEN it came over to view the OTHER "Abigail"

So, I think this little butterfly was a magpie in a former life... It sure liked the bling!
It stayed so long, I had to duck and let other people come in close to my hand to admire the little guy. One teenage girl said, "what a pretty butterfly... Oh my GAWD, look at her RING. It's GORGEOUS." haha, my first public compliment.

My apologies that some of the pics are a little blurry on the bling, I was trying to hold the pro camera one handed, AND snap the butterfly several times before she got away...

What a fun day.
Who needs kindergarten? lol.


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Me Ann

Sounds like you had a great day! Your pics are great and I love the butterfly/handshots. You little girl is a darling too!


Thanks MissD and Me Ann!
It was fun. NOW DD wants butterflies as pets. LOL.
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The Imperial Diamond
What a wonderful way to spend a day with your family! The pics are gorgeous and clear and you DD is so adorable. Is she really named Abigail? How perfect that it worked out where your DD is an Abigail and you loved the design of the Abigail ring!
Your photos are wonderful. Both the butterflies and your daughter are lovely.
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Thanks everyone! It was such a lovely day, I wanted to share it. The pics are fun. The butterflies, like diamonds, were very hard to capture properly - pics will never do them justice!

MrsGotRocks said:
you DD is so adorable. Is she really named Abigail? How perfect that it worked out where your DD is an Abigail and you loved the design of the Abigail ring!
LOL, yes, she really IS Abigail too. Funny how that worked out! George told me he picked the ring before the name was announced.
Funnier still, I had seen MikeC's original post of the pics of Abigail, back before I stopped visiting the forums. I loved the set, just never thought I'D get to own it.
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The Millenium Star
Good for you! It's good to play hookie from school once in a while, and your trip looked pretty educational to me anyway!!

I love both of your Abigail's, and your photography skills are excellent. Those pics are stunning.......
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The Pink Orchid
I adore going and seeing butterfly displays, they are always so pretty, and it looks like you had a fantastic time!

I'd probably be standing over that hand of yours too if I was nearby, that ring is positively stunning!
Thanks everyone!

DarlingMomof3, you mean the butterfly, right?

MissCassie, this was our first time seeing the butterfly display. It was magical for all of us, DD included. We can hardly wait to go again next year!
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Thanks DA. And may I say, you are stunning in your avatar!

(I'm very jealous of your hair too.
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