Photos from the old forum??

Hey, I guess we moved. There is a wealth of photos over at the old forum. What's going to happen to those? Will that forum and all it's information just disappear?


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Hi AdaBeta,
We've moved every single post from the old forum to here...all 820,000+ :D

We will be configuring the photo gallery next week and then move the photos.

So more work to be done but no info, esp in terms of posts, will be lost.

Hope that helps!


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Thanks Less. What about threads we saved from the other board. Are those accessible somewhere as well?
Hi Diamonds247,
The new software was not able to move private bookmarks over as the threads become completely new names/URL's during the move to the new software.
Note that for now the old boards, while closed to new posts, are still online and you can login and copy out the threads if you want.

Hope that helps,


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Thanks Less. I was over on the old board the other day and tried to get into my bookmarks etc but I kept being directed back to the page that mentions the move. :(
Thanks though, it is no easy task making all this work out!