I have sent several messages (requests for sales assistance) to no avail. No ticket received, no SPAM issue either. Isn't there an actual human being that I can speak with directly? We ordered from them back in 2012 (almost $4,000.00), and are returning customers. Again, let us reiterate that no SPAM from them exists (our son is an I.T. manager at large company). Don't they want our continued business?


A message from this email address arrived this morning, a few minutes after your post here, and I have just responded. I apologize if you had trouble contacting us but the email you sent this morning is the first one that came through.
Since you have an @Yahoo email address, that is my guess as to the reason for the problem. For many years we have had issues with emails from @Yahoo, @Ymail, and @SBCGlobal accounts getting through and while we have tried reaching out to those two groups to clear the problem, it still happens from time to time.

Again, I apologize that you had tried to get through to us, but since that message from you this morning did come through, you should have gotten the automatic response with your ticket number in your inbox.

Either way, thank you for reaching out here and please check you email for my reply and let me know how we can help.