Phoenix Moissanite Emerald cuts now available

I wasn’t able to upload the videos. If anyone is interested in seeing videos then email me or message me on social media and I will be happy to share. Email is [email protected] and my name is Angel Norton on Instagram or FB.
I am loving the Phoenix stones! They are so so diamond like. The windmills are small and subtle which I like. They are also crisp unlike some that I have occasionally seen in stones. Now I must say the quality is quite comparable to the moissaniteco stone that I have. Several month ago I ordered this stone, loved it but wasn’t crazy about it so decided to “shop” around. Went back and forth about it and before I knew it was too late to return. Since then I have tried selling a few places online with no luck. I am glad that I still have it for comparison though! They both are just gorgeous in their own right. This is moissaniteco brand NOT F1 just so nobody gets confused. From what I was told mossaniteco is cut from the same places that the neo brand is from. Not sure where and the accuracy of all that but that is what I was told when I ordered the stone. The moissaniteco stone is the one obviously without windmills. It doesn’t look AS diamond like without the windmills but a lot of modern diamonds are being cut without windmills so I think this is a personal preference. I do think that if windmills are too large then they can become distracting from the beautiful linear and rectangular facets of an emerald cut so I myself have struggled with the windmill vs no windmills dilemma. For me in this case it is hard to say which is “better” to my eye bc again the Phoenix windmills are very small and subtle. I def think they add to the stone. Also, moissaniteco stone was labeled as colorless but it visibly shows more warmth to me than the Phoenix. I don’t mind warmth in a stone but from my comparison of these side by side I actually love the color of the Phoenix much more. It adds more of the liquidy diamond look to the stone in my opinion, (I have also seen really white stones that I don’t like and usually prefer a gh color but for some reason I love the color of this one the best) let’s see the crown is visible higher on the Phoenix which is a plus for me! Windmills and high crown adds depth to the stone. The moissaniteco stone is more rectangular maybe bc the corners are less clipped. I do like this about it. It also makes the stone look ever so slightly larger too but just flatter. Here are the pics. Feed back welcomed! Which is your fav?!


Also must say this isn’t the best indoor lighting. I will try to get some outdoor action and share that within the next few days



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Without knowing which was Phoenix, it was that one that consistently “caught my eye”. Thanks for all the photos and your observations! ETA: I prefer the Phoenix.
@Cricketgrrl thank you for your feedback! I totally agree! The Phoenix stones have me mesmerized! I have seriously seen about 5 different "brand" EC stones over the past few years and they have all just been "ok" to me. Something was always lacking and they had sort of a synthetic/fake and flat look to them. I don't mind passing my stones as a diamond at all and I love to tell anyone about moissanite but I just love the look of EC diamonds with the sharp linear facets, liquidy look, and white flashes of light and I can finally say that I found my dream moissanites that have this same look! And I have literally been looking high and low! With all the other stones, I would quickly get bored but with the Phoenix stones I keep going back to stare. The windmills and higher crown most def give the stone that little bit of "extra" detail to make it stand out from the others, and the polish and cut also is way better from what I am seeing. The more I study the Phoenix and moissaniteco together, I am seeing that the moissaniteco stone goes "flat" when moved certain ways like back and forth/up and down (not so much from side to side)
I think this pic sort
Of shows what I mean. But the Phoenix crisp facets shine no matter what way I tilt it. I am waiting to get a ring holder in the mail to better check this out as well as different lighting performance.