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The Black Orlov
ok - so i didn't want to suggest this site until i purchased several items from them - but now i am going to share the joy *^_^* i ordered a prada wallet, two prada purses and a gucci purse for my mom (all for under the price of one purse!) and my mom and i are very happy!

the purses are authentic and at a GREAT discount!

their customer service is just "ok" ... i thought it was stellar at first - but now i just think it's alright... however, it's nothing that would deter me from ordering from them again - i just love their site - plus, if you refer someone and they sign up for the site (which is $10/month unless you can find a coupon code for free month or free couple of months) then you get $10 in your account to spend at their site, and if they buy something, you get 10% of their purchase! then if THEY refer someone, you get 5% of that person's purchase because you are the reason that person found the site ... pretty cool *^_^*

they have clothes, purses, shoes - and i'm sure they will get a bunch more stuff ... they get new stuff every day and it's king of an addicting site - but since a lot of us like designer clothes and purses - we may as well get them for cheaper (authentic AND first time buyer of the item!)

anyway - if you sign up for the site, please pm me so you can put my name as your referral *^_^*
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oooh, pics of your purchases, please!!

and bank account doesn't know if it should curse you or thank you
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