Pear shape


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Good question. What happened is this - we made a batch of them, and they looked stunning loose. However, after we mounted the larger ones in rings, we suddenly found that they had too much 'windowing' effect - this means that in certain parts of the stone, you could see through it instead of having light reflected back. This was a problem, so we only sold the 1.25cts which did not have that problem.
<br>Currently, we are experimenting in the lab to see if we can correct the windowing effect on the pears or not. We should know more next week after we have tried some different diamond coating compositions.
<br>But thats why we stopped selling the pears, because while they looked awesome loose, the larger ones had problems where it counts which is being mounted in a jewelry piece.
<br>We have received lots of requests for pears, so we are trying to fix it but we don't want to sell something until we are 100% happy with it :)
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