PDF printout for finding optimal Amora size...


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I've made a new page on the site to highlight a diamond PDF file we have had (somewhat buried) for a while now but it helps answer the perennial "What size Amora would be best for me" question.

Carat is a measure of weight, which is distributed in 3 dimensions.

Thus, you want to normally focus on what the face up mm dimensions are as that is the 'viewable size' rather than the carat weight.
(Example - an 8mm round is ~2ct, but an 8mm Princess is ~3ct...same 'face up size' but the square cuts are usually deeper, expand into corners vs round, and thus weigh more).

To help with this, you can print out this PDF chart of various diamond shapes and sizes and then view in person or even cut out the relevant shapes and put on your finger to get a more accurate understanding of what sizes might be the best choice for you!

(note this PDF uses diamond cuts so they are not as nice as Amora's but you can use it for the 'face up' sizing just the same).

What size Amora is right for me - printable PDF

Here's a quick photo of it:

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Thank you for posting this. I’ve been surprised, more than once, when my mental image of how large a stone is didn’t match up with the reality. I’m sure I’ll be making use of this!