pair of 3.07ct Amora Eternity Super Ideal H&A as dangle earrings?

1) Would these be too big for dangle earrings?
2) If I order today, will I get them in time for mother's day (located in NY)?
3) Do any of the dangle earring settings work with 3.07ct amoras?



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HI RandomTask,
1 - 9mm (3.07ct) is definitely not too big for dangles in the generic sense of too big. Most of the halo dangles however max out with 8mm centers. We do have the standard metal dangles and that's easy to fit a 9mm center.
2 - Mothers day is this Sunday, so can't make that. Usually need about 2 weeks.
3 - The plain metal baskets are easy to fit 3ct in.

Note for Mother's day - you can get the 2ct each ear 4 prong martini studs in time:
Amora Eternity Stud Earrings, Universal Pricing

We have two pairs that will finish setting tomorrow - so can get to you by Friday and present on Sunday.
Other alternative is order the loose Amora's, present and pick desired style with her and then we'll get them back set and return ready to wear :)

Hope that helps!