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Hello Ladies--It's me again to give you a heads up on this company and anything you want custom!

I ordered this item 300403955817 (18kt .55 antique style semi mount) to be yellow instead of white---well according to their feedback I just paid them with paypal and didn't go through ebay because they were cutting me a deal by ordering it to fit my larger stone in another color gold at a higher gold price for the same price as on ebay--so I just knew they would come through

I ordered this ring to fit a 7mm round---I sent 3 emails with the size of the stone/shape etc...and ring size
They said I would get it in 4wks---so I said okay

Got the ring as promised and it fit up to a 6.5mm max---I emailed and told them my problem that my stone would not fit and a day or 2 passed and they decided to get around to emailing me and said they would get it fixed--if they made a mistake
So I wrote back saying that I am sure it will not fit and I am sure I made the order clear --to PLEASE call me
They never called--took a day or 2 to write back saying they would try to get in touch with the manf. and get back with me--now keep in mind the paypal 45 day thing
Anyhow--to make a long frustrating story short---they have never called me after 4 request--never answered the phone--ask me to ship the ring back so they can have the prongs altered and need my stone and until I send things back--they can't do anything

My problem with that is --the 45 day paypal thing--if I send the ring back..because of the time it took to get it..I will not be covered--so basically they could keep the ring and my money and I could do nothing---I have a ring in my hands but can't do anything with it--a jeweler quoted me 200 to have it altered and 2 others refused to work with it

Bottom line: They do not stand behind a guarantee and you will never ever receive a phone call---you can leave 100 messages --it takes 2-3 days for a email reply and once you have paid you are no longer a concern to them---if you can't give them a negative feedback then you are at their mercy

I have been buying for years---I do not recommend this store--I know they sell alot and the prices are good and the stuff is okay (inflated specs but okay) but do not get custom work done
hollim27 said:
-well according to their feedback I just paid them with paypal and didn't go through ebay because they were cutting me a deal by ordering it to fit my larger stone in another color gold at a higher gold price for the same price as on ebay--so I just knew they would come through
Sorry you got a bum deal, but this is why e-bay discourages buying directly from a seller with e-bay listings. e-bay has their own Resolution Center for bad transactions, in addition to Paypal.

We are also going through an e-bay return nightmare...the seller gave e-bay a false return address for us to use and it's taking forever to get our $300.00 refund! But we'd be totally out of luck if we hadn't used e-bay in the first place.

Hope something works out for you.
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I had a not so positive experience w/ Oxford Diamond on Ebay too. They quoted me a price, I agreed made the payment. I think it was around $275 or $300, 3 days after the transaction (even sent me a photo of the setting and more info on the specs) they said the price of gold went up and they would have to charge me $100 more.

So of course I said no and the transaction was cancelled. So I will never attempt to buy from them again. Since I agreed to cancel the transaction, I couldn't leave feedback either.
I bought a nice mounting a few years ago, back when they offered better quality and they had just opened their sister store, Omega Diamond. I sent a PayPal payment. It came back. No explanation, it was simply returned. So I thought it was a PayPal problem. I paid again, since it was marked "unpaid." Got refunded again. This time, they sent ma an email apologizing that that mounting from their store was not in stock and was no longer available. Then they dropped all of those heavier gold rings with the great pave', baguettes, and other side stones. And started offering really cheap junk. So I quit buying from them.
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Well---I would have done that but "Steve" just made me feel right at home with his emails and not to mention they have 6000 positives...I just mistakingly thought my order would go right--I am going to have to contact my VISA company about all this and see what can be done

I am thinking my shopping days are over
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Well this ring is very very nice--one of the nicer mounts--and the only person who carries it now online---Fay Cullen used to carry this mount for 1,500 and they have it for 850
so it is a better deal---BUT---I agree the other stuff is not quality at all---and the customer service is non-existent
Well anything I can do to save your wallet and frustration---they still will not call me even though I have put in another request today in 2 emails--they just emailed and said that the manufact. will be contacted about a replacement by April 20th--keep in mind that I emailed March 22 about the error on their part
I have learned my lesson on custom orders with ebay---I put in the order for the yellow gold pendant with TRAX and the ring with Oxford diamonds and for some odd reason both have gone wrong--I guess I should stick to white gold--I could have ordered it as it was right out instead of having to put in for special orders!!


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no problem, happy to help, good news for you
from Alb(AmcorDesign) check your email!!
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Well just got my liz stones in so I can send the ring off now..because i wanted to place a cz back in the ring that the diamond is coming out of ..to go in my new mount---the oxford mount is for the diamond...the liz stone is going back into the ring for keepsake purposes
I am hoping this all works out!


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Wedding dress????? Am I really that far out of the loop??? You need to email me and catch me up on things!