Oxford Diamond Co, Does it again

I was supposed to be recieving a beautiful Royal blue sapphire halo promise ring for my anniversary. Instead what I recieved was an amethyst colored stone, supposedly tanzinite. I ordered a sapphire. My boyfriend purchsed this for me on eBay and it has been a constant battle.

Although the style of the ring is beautiful, I would prefer to get what was ordered. Even looking at the pictures of the supposed "tanzanite", it is royal blue in color. No where in their descriptions, fine print, etc did it state that the color of the stone would vary.

I am not a picky person, but this is rediculous. My ring was a week late, so I never recieved it for my anniversary. The delivery date was for May 13th, but it was recieved May 25th. When contacted the person that we spoke with stated that "there was an issue at the post office and all shipments were delayed"... This was after 3 days of asking.

When I finally recieved the ring, I noticed that it was purple, not blue. There wasn't even a hint of blue to the stone. I was severely upset.

My boyfriend contacted them yet again. We were told that if I wanted the right color, that I would have to pay extra to get the royal blue stone that was advertised, and send my ring back. It has taken them so long to actually contact us regarding the issues with my ring.
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The Florentine Diamond
Did you pay with a credit card? If so you might contact them for assistance. If you paid with PayPal you might also get some assistance. If you used both PayPal and a credit card, then you have double protection when the item arrives not as described.