The Florentine Diamond
They completely lied to me..
here are our e-mails..........

<span style="color: #FF0000">Hi kangaroocrazy-

Thanks for your email. All of our jewelry is genuine .925 sterling silver; nothing is plated.

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May 16

to sales
Thank you Mike!!
[email protected]

May 30

<span style="color: #CC33CC">to sales
Mike,..I am completely disheartened to get my bracelet,......
and to believe that you lied to me about it being genuine .925 sterling silver,..as I specifically asked you if it was plated or solid.

I dont understand how you could ethically do this???
I would of even bought it at a much less expensive price if it was just plated.

I went with you over all the others that sell this same bracelet because of what you told me and that your business is in the US.

Where is the stamp? Enlighten me if I am wrong..but this makes me very sad.....


He NEVER responded back!! Nice huh..........

Here is what I ordered......


BTW,..to put a review on their site,..they have to check it first...oh brother!!