Our Bengal kitty, Koa

A few of you wanted to see our sweet bengal kitty... but I'm having real trouble getting these photos to upload to my messages. So, if anyone wants to see my superbly horrible pics of her, here's the link to the gallery...


How we got her: my DD has been begging for a dog. She's three. My wife doesn't want the hassle of raising a preschooler AND a dog. So we set out on a search for the most active "dog-like" cat we could find. We found out about the Bengal breed through a friend who has 2 of them. We liked how active and friendly they are, and decided it was our favourite breed. That's not saying we could AFFORD breeder's prices for one, but just that it was our favourite.

When we began searching for the right cat or kitten to bring home last year, we found an ad from a family searching for a new "forever home" for their bengal, named Koa. Bengals are very sociable and don't like being left alone, so they wanted her to go to a home where the family was either retired, or worked from home. My wife works from her home studio, so it was kind of serendipitous... the timing, the cat, and that we would be the right family for her. We met the family and Koa, and a few days later they allowed us to adopt her from them.
She was the best addition to our family.

She's kind of scared or angry looking in a few of these pictures - some of them were from the day we brought her home and she was scoping out the house like a hunter. LOL. Her eyes are also hard to capture... in some light they are aqua, like pictures of the Caribbean ocean in travel brochures... but most pictures just reflect the yellow/green. (according to my wife anyway. I'm actually partly colour blind, so I can't always tell.)

Oh, and the plan backfired. Although most Bengals are very active, and sometimes HUGE (30+ pounds), our sweet Koa is very laid back. She's also tiny - for a cat or for her breed (about 7 pounds). She's my wife's companion, so my DD still wants a dog.
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She's stunning!! I love her markings and think she's really beautiful.

Thanks for sharing!
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Wow, gorgeous cat. Your pics are from superbly horrible.
Thanks for sharing.
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Thanks for posting this! I LOVE her markings. She is absolutely beautiful. I was going to ask how big she was, but you already explained that, hehe. It'll be a LONG time before we can get another pet, since we just got a puppy.
Thank you ladies! She really has brought a lot of happiness to our family.

tricksi said:
Koa is adorable!!! Funny story how you might still end up with a dog afterall.
Funnier still... we ARE getting a dog. We've adopted an 8 week old female mini-daschund... we pick her up tomorrow evening.

Before anyone says anything... I've heard the stories about the breed being territorial or tending to bite children... unfortunately that was AFTER we paid the deposit for her. BUT both the puppy's mom and dad are very gentle and sweet, and were raised with young children. The owners are friends of mine and have offered to give us advice to properly train a small breed dog, so we're not too worried about how our puppy's temperament will turn out. She's tiny, soft and sweet right now. And with the right treatment, she's gonna grow to be a sweet addition to our little family.

And hopefully THIS will make my daughter squeal with delight... a puppy of her very own.
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I think if the puppy is raised with a toddler, she will be fine. Just make sure to supervise all interactions between the two, especially during this early stage when puppies are all mouth!!!

Don't allow her to put her teeth on any of you. If she does, let out a loud "OW" like a littermate would do. That will teach her that her mouth can hurt. After about 14 weeks you can start correcting the behavior, until then the above will work just fine. Make sure everyone in the family is on board. With puppies, consistency is the key!!!

Good luck!
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Thank you for the advice sparklee! Very good advice there... we're working on the family consistency thing even before the puppy gets here. We've had a few weeks of practicing with a stuffed puppy, and teaching our DD what to do, etc.

When we last saw the puppy, she was just learning to walk without falling over. I bet she's all over the place now...

The hardest part will be house training her. She's SO little, she can't hop off the step to the backyard for a pee. Apparently, her parents are so short, and their bodies were so long, that they only mastered the one-step-hop after 10 months of age. Until then, they had to use those puppy 'pee pads' for the floor, or be carried outside.... maybe I'll go build a ramp. My wife's gonna shoot me if she has to use pee pads on the floor for 10 months...

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as long as she knows ur the boss and shes not u wont have any problems...our first family dog when i was a child was a daschund and she was perfect...i miss her dearly
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