OTLOTL (OTL on PS) -Disappointing Experience

I purchased and paid for a red spinel by OTLOTL(OTL on PS). She decided after reading a post that I created about red spinels on another forum that she changed her mind. She refunded my money but I still think this is not a honorable thing to do. I have never had it happen before. This is my first bad experience with a seller on the Bistro.
Really? she didn't like your post? that seems a bizarre reason not to follow through on a sale. maybe I better not say anything in case I want to buy something from her someday.
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I commented on how hard it was to find red spinels and others commented about how pricey they are. She told me she read the thread and it gets complicated after that.

She refunded my money. Later said she saw a stone someone recommended on that thread and said it was the one she wanted to buy. When someone posted it was not for everyone's tastes she changed her mind about buying it and no longer needed to sell her stones. It doesn't make sense to me at all.

The one thing I have loved about the Bistro is that forum members buy and sell to each other because we trust each other. I never had anyone say they changed their mind after payment. So this was a new experience for me.

If you do want to buy from her one day then just be aware that she may change her mind after you pay. At least she refunded me but paypal is holding it "pending review". So at present I am out the money and the stone. But I hope paypal releases my money soon.
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Windblown I posted it on Pricescope on the colored gem forum. People commented on how high the prices had reached for red spinels and how they would cost more in the future.

OTL told me she was going to post a Mahenge Spinel for sale when I bought her red spinel. After she cancelled my sale she said she had no need for funds or selling her stones.

Today I see she listed the Mahenge. So I leave everyone to form their own opinions and decide if they would buy from this forum member. From now one I only buy or sell to trusted forum members who are good to their word.

Here are her own words that she posted on the other forum regarding our failed transaction and her no longer needing to sell her stones:

[i]The reason I was selling it is to get money for the 3ct orangy red mahenge spinel
I saw that stone from the Someone Has to Buy thread 2 days ago.

I listed my stone and it was sold yesterday evening.

Today I saw some PSer's input about how silky and orangy it would be in OP's another thread and I decide not purchasing that stone
So I apologized twice to the buyer that since I no longer need the money, <span style="font-weight: bold">I am having second thought selling my collections
I apologized twice for my impulsive behavior and issued a full refund.
So there it is, I did not think my stone is worth more than what I sold like it sounds from the OP
I just don't need to collect funds for a big purchase anymore.[/i]</span>
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