OMG....I GOT ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!

CONGRATS SHIMMER!!!! Welcome to ''The CLub'' of newly engaged women.....I am so happy for you and your new hubby to be! I just got engaged in September and I am STILL in shock. Here are some boards to help you:,,, these sites are really helpful and I LOVE the knot to death! We just booked our site on Friday and I got a 3-hole punch wedding planner and organizer today from Waldenbooks. It is called ''The Ultimate Wedding Planner & Organizer'' by Elizabeth and Alex Lluch....this book has been recommended on the knot website by other ''knotties''. It has a calculator, 3 whole punch, and section tabs for each section of your wedding and space for your own inserts. My name on the knot is ''bttrfly'' and I am mostly on the DC boards since it is tailored to my city. They also have a California board, which is broken into different cities and I know they have your area on there too! PM me for ANY information and we will plan together. I will also give you my e-mail addy too if you want! Can you tell how excited I am???????? Congrats again! Mel
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I highly recommend theknot as well - I used it all the time when I was planning, and it was really helpful (esp. since I was planning a CO wedding from OK). I found two of my three cake ladies on there (the first one, from theknot, got injured and backed out; the second one, from theknot, was way too expensive and too much of a hippie for my mother).

Anyway, best wishes to you and your DH to be!
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Oh, how wonderful! And the wedding sounds great....a winter wonderland theme.....will you have horse drawn carriages? I always wanted horses and carriages, but it didn't happen for a variety of reasons!


THANKS everyone for all of the warm wishes!!!!

I finally spoke with my mom and we talked forever. I swear it was like we were doing all of the planning in that one conversation <img src='''' alt='''' />. She's just as excited as I am (it's cute)! We talked about colors, favors, locations, etc. I already have a general idea of what I want b/c I've been ''planning'' for this waaaaay before today <img src='''' alt='''' />. (I already had a subscription to Brides magazine and my own binder of information, among other things).

Little by little, I've been calling friends. I'll get to everyone this week.

Are you going to get an asha for an e-ring?
''Yes of course'', that's my plan. I want to go with an EC in DL's new setting, but w/o the sidestones (That is unless I see something else). My other choice is the BTD cathedral in w/g. I want to look at some other settings tomorrow (if I have time) and then place the EC order (I hope they're not sold out) <img src='''' alt='''' />. Otherwise, I'll go with an H&A.

bttrflylaw2, thanks for the wedding websites and I'll be sure to e-mail with any questions! <img src='''' alt='''' />
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Congratulations!!!! You are so lucky that you already have ideas of what you want. I have no clue and am feeling so overwhelmed. Even growing up I never dreamt about my wedding... Only the ring!!!! If you or anyone else comes up with any other good wedding sites please post. I need all the help I can get. Again congrats and enjoy picking your ring!!!!!
I either wanted to get married barefoot on the beach, or in the winter.....I envisioned a winter wedding with snow, horse drawn carriages/sleighs, with my bridedmaids wearing those beautiful fur lined hats, and hand warmers (muffs? sp?).........kinda like the vintage looking Christmas cards.......but....we settled on a very small ceremony on the top of a mountain, in front of a roaring fire, in a beautiful hotel, with just family and very close friends. It snowed after the wedding, which was perfect!


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i dont know what df and i are going to do. been eng. for 1 year and havent come up with anything. we tell everyone one day we'll take off and just get married wherever. I never thought about the wedding. LOL. theyre starting to get impatiant. i even have regular customers at my work coming in every few months asking, ''so, ya married yet?'' I WISH i was one of those people who had it all planned. Our closest thing to a plan was to get married halloween eve and make it a costume wedding with him and i as bride and groom, and the best man as the grim reaper. All guests in costume too. (were not hidiously tacky people, i just really LOVE halloween) The idea didnt pan out for obvious reasons. LOL
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CONGRATS TO YOU!!!!!!!! What wonderful news! I can't wait to hear all the plans you make-you and Mel should have some fun checking out stuff together! What a great way to start the New Year!!!! <img src='''' alt='''' /> <img src='''' alt='''' /> <img src='''' alt='''' />
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I envisioned a winter wedding with snow, horse drawn carriages/sleighs, with my bridedmaids wearing those beautiful fur lined hats, and hand warmers (muffs? sp?).........kinda like the vintage looking Christmas cards.......
Well, I won;t have any snow here in Southern California. So, it's definitely going to have to become a ''winter wonderland'' through the use of colors and decorations.

I am actually the opposite of some of you other newly engaged ladies. I have been planning for years <img src='''' alt='''' />(especially since many of my friends got married a few years ago and I helped with their weddings). So, I've been gathering pics of dresses, centerpieces, favors, docoration ideas, etc into a binder for a while. Also, since Christmas just passed, I was constantly gathering pics of ideas from sales magazines, etc. (I always knew I wanted a winter wedding)!!!

So, here are some some of my ideas...

Well, my plan is to use silver/platinum and white as the colors for everything. So, the bridesmaids dresses will be silver and they'll have white bouquets (sp?). The only other color will be the use of red flowers (probably roses) in my bouquet only (just for that dramatic POP of color). Otherwise, all else will be silver and white.

Along with the silver and white, I want a ''snowflake'' theme and plan on using silver and/or white snowflakes of various sizes in different ways as decorations for the ceremony adn reception site. I want the ceremony music to be saxaphone Jazz Christmas carols (think Kenny G) while guests are arriving and being seated. Also want saxaphone solos for any music used during the ceremony.

I also want to use white lights at ceremony and reception and have 3 white flocked trees behind FH and I at the ceremony. I also plan on having a Christmas tree at the reception for placing some of the gifts underneath (a table will be next to the tree for overflow gifts that don't fit underneath).

Some other little ideas include haivng the chairs at the reception covered in white with the silver bows, a personalized aisle runner from The Original Runner Company that says ''and they lived happily ever after...'' (or something else). I want a snowflake ice scultpure at the reception site, raised up on a table with fruit/vegetable platters, etc at its base (if that makes sense). I want my flower girls to wear white flower ''halos'' and white feather angel wings (kinda like the Victoria Secret models, but smaller of course) tossing artificial ''snow''. The guests will be given ''jingle bells'' to ring at the end of the ceremony as we walk down the aisle (and also to use at the reception to get us to kiss).

Hmmm...I can go on forever with my ideas. I know what I want the cake to look like, I have ideas for the rehersal dinner, favors and so much more. Luckily my FH is OK with me taking over about 99.9% of the planning <img src='''' alt='''' />. His statment was ''do whatever you want''. I've also ''hired'' my best friend and my very good friend to help me out, give advice, ideas, etc. I come up with new stuff all of the time, butI know that I'll have to narrow it all down <img src='''' alt='''' />.

Whew!!!! sorry so long <img src='''' alt='''' />
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Hi Shimmer! I really love the customized aisle runner idea too! I am going to have one made fo us as well maybe with our monograms or something else. There is a knottie on the boards that makes them for a good price. I think I will be using her to make ours. Mel


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