OMG! Guess what???


The Black Orlov
Hi all...I have not been posting but always browsing

I have some new, I am excepting, TWINS

And I am freaking out!! LOL
Oh, and happy, and sick, and emotional, and scared.....

ALL day sickness is killing me

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I've heard 1) twins run in families and 2) that it can happen when you go off hormonal birth control (I guess while the body's resetting back to "normal," it could release two eggs instead of one). But I digress.

Congrats again!
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Congratulations BG! How far along are you?

I am a fraternal twin and have a twin brother. When we were born, (back in the Dark Ages) it was my mother's first pregnancy and the doctors did not know there were two babies! Can you imagine?! She had me first, and after they checked me out and cleaned me up, they turned their attention back to Mom and saw another pair of feet sticking out! She went on to have 6 children in total.
Thanks guys. I am only about 8 weeks. Just got back from Dr, they are monitoring all closely since I had a checmical back in May. But all looks awesome so far. Babies heartbeats were 117 and 120, Dr said is GREAT. We have not told anyone, well, I only told my sister and DH.
I also got a prescription for Zofran, hope this helps.

Other than that, I feel good, scared but feeling very blessed!
Oh, and my sister just told me that there's a family talk about my mom's biological father being a twin...going to investigate LOL.
Mine are fraternal according to the ultrasound tech.